Friday, June 19, 2015

Is Your Church Kingdom-Shaped?

Scot McKnight offers ten marks:
So kingdom theology shapes kingdom mission and these are formed by kingdom spiritual disciplines.

1. When the cruciform character of King Jesus shapes every major dimension of your local church.

2. When your church perceives itself as a people redeemed and rescued from the world and evil by king Jesus

3. When your church knows it is governed by Lord Jesus.

4. When your church challenges the lordless lords of our culture and country. (Barth’s expression)

5. When your church seeks to be a kingdom kind of community.

6. When your church is known above all for loving one another and loving your neighbors.

7. When your church establishes justice and peace within the local fellowship and then extends that justice and peace into the community.

8. When your church cannot avoid being people of “good works” in the public sector. (The NT’s term for “social justice” or public acts of service is “good works.”)

9. When your church becomes “sacred space” or “kingdom space” in your community.

10 When your church’s spiritual disciplines foster these themes.
Scot fills in the details of each here.

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