A Weblog Dedicated to the Discussion of the Christian Faith and 21st Century Life

A Weblog Dedicated to the Discussion of the Christian Faith and 21st Century Life
I do not seek to understand that I may believe, but I believe in order to understand. For this also I believe, –that unless I believed, I should not understand.-- St. Anselm of Canterbury (1033-1109)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

There Is a Good Reason Prophets Are Not Recognized or Honored in Their Own Time

Whenever I hear someone say that a certain person is a prophetic voice, it is obvious to me that this individual has deemed this person prophetic because he or she agrees with the person. I have yet to hear anyone say, "I disagree with everything she/he says! What a prophetic voice!" The prophet is only a prophet if the hearer likes the words spoken. That rather undermines the point of being a prophet.

But true prophets are not subject to anyone's approval.

Think on this.


Anonymous said...

I must be right on target! Especially in our District. I've had so many doors shut and preachers rankled and DCOM's fuming that I'm sure not many like what I have to say. But looking back at letters I wrote in the 90's and early 2000's about the Lay Speaker's ministry, and looking at what was changed in the new Lay Servant ministry, one would think I had been on the committee proposing the changes.

It certainly makes my rejection easier live with now. But it hurt then (and honestly, sometimes still does). Guess that is why Jeremiah is my favorite prophet.

Allan R. Bevere said...


Of course, it is impossible for me to comment on your situation since I know nothing about it.

But I am glad my post spoke to you in some way.